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August 28-31, 2014 (OPEN) Greensboro International Chess Festival


On Saturday October 4, 2014 at 1:00 pm sharp we will be having our NCCA annual business meeting. This will be on the weekend of the NC Closed Class Championship. At this meeting we will elect our 2014-2016 officers. Hope to see you all there for the meeting and the tournament. Sincerely, Rudy Abate, NCCA President

The nominating committee will be nominating the following for these positions:

President : Kevin Hyde
Vice President : Jeff Jones
Scholastic Vice President : Venkataraja (Venkat) Shanmugavadivel
Secretary/Treasurer : Tom Kabasakalian

Greensboro International Chess Festival

From the Pig's Pen

edition 12 * August 20th, 2014

It was a very light week in the North Carolina chess scene. While light, it was a rare week in that all of the weekend tournaments in North Carolina were pure open tournaments. Pure open meaning that each tournament only had one section.

The Triangle’s entry into this week’s forum was brought to you by Victor Beaman and East Carolina Chess. REACT VII took place Saturday August 16th. 32 mental jousters competed for the section’s lone top prize. Aaron Balleisen stood atop the mountain of a field that included two masters and three experts with a perfect score. Aaron distanced himself by a full point from a peloton that included FM Robin Cunningham, LM Maurice Dana, Geoffrey Polizoti, Alan Crist, and Keith Carson.

20140816_105001 (2).jpeg

Eventual REACT VII tournament winner Aaron Balleisen above right in the midst of a first round duel with Joshua Taylor. Note the camera stand overlooking the two competitors.

This tournament was a bit historic as it was the first in North Carolina in which games were recorded for an online broadcast by position capturing cameras. Chacha Nugroho has been working with a team from Burlington in an effort to further advance the broadcasting of chess games online.

20140816_104935 (2).jpeg

The Chess Stream tech team on the job. Chacha Nugroho on the left. Elon University professor and Batanga.com co-founder Jochen Fischer on the right nearest the wall beside his son Tobias Fischer. Their partner Taylor Hearn who is also working on the project could not attend.


NM Peter Giannatos and the Charlotte Chess Center and Scholastic Academy hosted the third running of it’s G/60 action on Saturday as well. 24 scrappers tried to dodge the gauntlet of competition in this four-rounder. Keeping his hto streak going from the US Open Patrick McCartney inched closer to his national master title as he won all four games to take clear first. NM Patrick Sciacca was joined by Eelya Sefat and Marnzell Hand in a three way tie for second.


This week only one player topped a new rating level.


Rating Level


Jack Iles


CCCSA: G/60 Action III

Best Regards,

Jeff “Pig” Jones

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Accepting Bids

The following are the tournaments the NCCA will  accept bids  for the 2013-2015 years. Please look at the bidding process on the ADMIN Tab of the NCCA web page :

2015 NC K-12 SCHOLASTIC STATE CHAMPIONSHIP (Feb-March 2015)  BD 8/1/2014 


(Approx. Tournament Dates)

BD = Bidding Deadline