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IM Matros Dominates QC G/30!

A grand total of 50 players (including an international master!) from both North and South Carolina participated in the first QC G/30 tournament. It was truly a different experience for most players. Squeezing in 5 rounds with a short time control can lead to exciting games, and parking lot brawls. Fortunately all players were in good spirits and the event was a great success. Over $700 in prizes were distributed.


TOP: IM Alexander Matros with a perfect 5-0IMG_0582


U1700: Jeremy Chen with an almost perfect 4.5-0.5


U1300: 4 Way Tie Matthew Kroll, Dylan Kabasakalian, Colin Roop, Jaiden Chuang


U700: AJ Miller with 4.5-0.5


See rated crosstable for all results.


A great time was had by all players. Our next event is Reverse Angle on March 8. So far NM Chris Mabe has declared that he will be attending. We hope to see everyone there.
If you are a resident of the Charlotte Metro Area, visit our website about weekly meeting times.

We have also planned summer camps with Grandmasters. This summer GM’s: Magesh Panchanathan, Alexander Shabalov, and John Fedorowicz will be leading the master tour chess camps.

For more information visit

Thanks for all your support! Until next time,

Peter Giannatos

Director, Queen City Chess

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