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Peter Giannatos

IM Matros Dominates QC G/30!

A grand total of 50 players (including an international master!) from both North and South Carolina participated in the first QC G/30 tournament. It was truly a different experience for most players. Squeezing in 5 rounds with a short time control can lead to exciting games, and parking lot brawls. Fortunately all players were in good spirits and the event was a great success. Over $700 in prizes were distributed.


TOP: IM Alexander Matros with a perfect 5-0IMG_0582


U1700: Jeremy Chen with an almost perfect 4.5-0.5


U1300: 4 Way Tie Matthew Kroll, Dylan Kabasakalian, Colin Roop, Jaiden Chuang


U700: AJ Miller with 4.5-0.5


See rated crosstable for all results.


A great time was had by all players. Our next event is Reverse Angle on March 8. So far NM Chris Mabe has declared that he will be attending. We hope to see everyone there.
If you are a resident of the Charlotte Metro Area, visit our website about weekly meeting times.

We have also planned summer camps with Grandmasters. This summer GM’s: Magesh Panchanathan, Alexander Shabalov, and John Fedorowicz will be leading the master tour chess camps.

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Thanks for all your support! Until next time,

Peter Giannatos

Director, Queen City Chess

Giannatos in St. Louis

By Peter Giannatos

Half way through the Siquefield Cup (Sept 9-15, 2013) I got the brilliant idea of going to
Saint Louis to observe some of the top players in the world slug it out on US Territory. I
thought it was a great opportunity to see some of the top players in the world considering
that super – GM tournaments are a rare site in the US. Nonetheless, my girlfriend was
spending the weekend with her family and my college load was light, so I decided to
book a flight to St. Louis.
Upon my arrival on Saturday, September 14, I quickly made my way to the metro station
and began my final lap to the St. Louis Chess Center. It was about a mile walk from the
Central West End station to the chess center but it was a really enjoyable walk. The weather was pleasant and the area was full of life. After an approximately 10 minute walk I arrived at the chess center and was very impressed. The area was very modern with lots of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. Beautiful flowers and trees lined the
street along with beautiful red brick crosswalks. Adding sugar to candy: right across the street from the chess center is the Chess Hall of Fame! It seemed like a perfect place for chess, much like a chess town!
The sidewalk outside of the chess club was home to about 6 stone chess tables (board engraved on) on which players of all skill levels were testing their
blitz skills. Tempted as ever, to try my chances in a blitz game, it dawned on me that there are 2800 rated grandmasters inside the chess center who I originally came to see.

I purchased an wristband which served as my day pass. The day passes were very inexpensive. At $15 I received unlimited access to the World Chess Hall of Fame, all GM commentary rooms, the playing hall, and free all-you-can-eat lunch at Lester’s Restaurant. Once I received my wristband I
promptly made my way upstairs into the playing hall. It was a remarkable sight. I was finally able to see these super GM’s in person! The playing hall was very quiet as you would expect, fans all gathered around the hall squeezing through each other in an
attempt to take a good photo of the champions. At any rate I had a lot of energy to burn  so I left playing hall and made my way to Lester’s to grab some lunch.
Upon arriving to Lester’s restaurant my hunger was quickly sidetracked by some “pretty good” players playing
bughouse, one of my favorite chess variants! It
just so happened to be GM’s Wesley So and Alejandro Ramirez (no pictured) vs. GM’s Ray Robson and Fidel Corrales. It was definitely
the most heavily rated game of bug I have ever
witnessed! After about 20 minutes of watching them play it was clear that Ramirez and So were the better pair so I made my way to the BBQ buffet then grabbed a seat in the analysis room with GM’s Ben Finegold and Ronen Har-zvi.
After a long day of trekking between analysis  rooms and the playing hall I met up with
NC local FM Mike Klein (who was an onsite journalist for Chessvibes and
and new friend Dirk Jan Ten Geuzendam (of New  in Chess magazine) for dinner. They were great company at dinner and always had great stories that kept the night alive. After a few hours of story telling, and a St. Louie BBQ sandwich it was time for me to get some rest as I was planning on going downtown the next morning.
After a few hours of sleep I was up and at it again! This time I was going to make my way downtown for a few pictures then get back for the start of the last round, or so I thought =].
Downtown St. Louis was very