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Tournament Results

Reverse Angle 33 (Ron Simpson Memorial)

A mixed crowd of total of 65 players from North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and South Carolina participated in Reverse Angle 33 in memory of the late Ron Simpson. $800.00 is always guaranteed but it is no surprise the QCCA decided to give out over $1100.00 in prizes..


To commemorate Ron Simpson, those who won all their games received an additional $50.00. I had a few encounters with Ron myself and he was never content with a draw, he was a fighter, hence the 3-0 Simpson prize. One player in every section managed to win the Simpson prize and each pocketed $175.00 for their efforts. Between rounds I also offered free Game Analysis to any players interested. I had a lot of fun doing this and Ron, a man who was always “in” for game analysis, would have appreciated the gesture


Winners of the Simpson Prize (and $175.00!):

OPEN: Charlotte’s Michael Brown

U1800: Greensboro’s Garret Allen

U1400: Atlanta’s Carolyn Lantelme

U1100: Charlotte’s Logan Torve

See rated crosstable for all results.

A great time was had by all players. The next Reverse Angle is planned for November 30. Please come out and continue to support Charlotte’s most active chess organization!


If you live in the Charlotte area and you are looking for more chess Visit for upcoming events as well as our weekly club meeting times.


Thank You for Your Support,

Peter Giannatos

Director, Queen City Chess


Raby is Inaugural NC Senior Chess Champion

NC Senior Champion

Inaugural NC Senior Champion Earl Lee Raby flanked by Organizers/Directors Mike Eberhardinger and Bob Mahan

Earl Lee Raby emerged victorious with a perfect 4-0 record at the inaugural North Carolina Senior Open, where he claimed the title of 2013 North Carolina Senior Chess Champion. Raby, whose rating soared 90 points to 1855, earned his first Category 1 norm while picking up a check for $150 and commemorative Wine Bottle trophies as both the “2013 NC Senior Chess Champion” and the overall tournament winner.

NC Senior Champion Bottle

NC Senior Champion Bottle

nc senior wine

Wine Bottle Trophies

Held at the decidedly upscale Hampton Inn & Suites Shelton Vineyards in Dobson, the tournament attracted 26 players. The $150 second- and third-place prize fund was shared by Bill Schaefer, Charles Pole, Ellis Jones, Bruce Roth, and Michael Tedder. Four players, David Tupps, Gordon Ray, Rosalyn Katz, and Avram Friedman, shared the Under-1600 prize of $100, with Tupps winning the Wine Bottle trophy on tiebreak.

The tournament was directed by Bob Mahan, with able assistance from Mike Eberhardinger and Bea Mahan.


Tar Heels dominate at Border Battle 2013

NC team

Team North Carolina

The fifth consecutive edition of Border Battle, the annual match between North and South Carolina, took place on July 13-14 at the Clarion Hotel in Cornelius, NC.

Our friends from the south were no match for us this year, and North Carolina took the match by a final score of 35-17! Four North Carolina players chalked up perfect scores. Playing both days, Phillip Billings and Nikolai Astrov both went 4-0. Playing one day schedules, Kellie Smith and Gary Newsom went 2-0.  Billings gained 79 rating points to crack 1500 for the first time. Astrov gained a phenominal 151 points to improve his rating to 1204!

The match pitted two NC players from each class, Expert to Class E, against two SC players that were in the same class. Each player played 4 games, getting white and black against their counterparts. In addition, we had a “feature player” match. This year that match was billed as a “rising stars” match, with SC being represented by Ben Caiello (2053) and NC by Daniel Cremisi (1986). Ben came out victorious in this match by a 2.5-1.5 score.

Border Battle was the brainchild of SC Chess President David Grimaud. During my time as NCCA President, I took up the cause from our side. The first Border Battle took place at the Asian Library in 2009, featuring only matches between our state champs and state high school champs. It was chronicled by this article in Chess Life Online. In subsequent years we added the class matches and made it an event for all levels of play. Border Battle has rotated between North and South Carolina, being held in Travelers Rest, SC in 2010 and 2012; and Cornelius, NC in 2011 and 2013.

Now on to some games.

Here is an offering from Dominique Myers, representing NC in the expert section. (we still claim him even though he is going to school in Virginia) Yes you are seeing this position correctly. Rankin got a dominating position early and had almost +4 at one point according to my engine. But Dom kept fighting and keeping things complicated. When you do that..sometimes good things happen…even against a good player such as Tim. Dominique is dangerous and beats very good players sometimes. Ask IM John Cox or GM Larry Kaufman if you don’t believe me. Nice comeback ‘Nique. We’ll even forgive you for missing the quicker mate (32…Rxf2+ 33. Rxd5 Rxf1#)

As for the A section, I will show you my game as White vs David Causey. My rust has contributed to very inconsistent play from day I can play, the next day it's just not happening. Well, I was "on" for my day at Border Battle. I am rather proud of this thematic King's Indian where I focused on making his bishop bad and then exploiting it. The knight on a6 wasn't doing him any favors either. This was a nice clean win: In the B's Here is Joe Graves' first round win vs Dan Caiello. Joe let him hang around for longer than he should have, but had just enough left to finish him off in the end. Also in the B's the up and coming Alex Tong (he'll be a master heard it here first!) scored 2.5-1.5 (no losses!), a solid result for a young man who has a style that defies his youth! Here is a draw vs Steve Boshears...a game where Alex had the upper hand most of the way. In this C group game, Alex's older brother Nathan absolutely lays a whuppin' on his opponent. The star of the D group was Julian (Phillip) Billings. He went 4-0, gained a ton of rating points and became a 1500! In the following game, he just hangs in there. Sometimes that's all it takes..just hang in there, don't do anything rash, and wait for your opponant to make a mistake (or run out of time, as was the case here) Overall a great performance by NC and a fine event which was enjoyed by all.